Don’t Let Them Take Your Glow Away. Lets Shine Together

Sean Diddy Combs loves moisture and moisturizers “Dont let them take your glow away, Baby he says an an Instagram post  whilst he is getting a facial treatment from one of my favorite people; Santa Monica, CA based celebrity aesthetician Cinthia Lomeli.  GQ’s Justin Fenner wrote a little piece titled “Diddy Wants You to Live…

Everything Is Copy: Tonight at The New York Film Festival.

Everything Is Copy a documentary film about the life of writer/director Nora Ephron will screen tonight Tuesday, September 29 at the New York Film Festival at Lincoln Center, the film is directed by her son Jacob Bernstein. I have been excited to see the final cut of this piece because well everybody loves Nora and because I was hired to do hair and makeup for some of the interviews