Two Sisters & Jitomate Salad.

Once upon a time the Natives planted Corn, Yellow Green Beans and Squash near each. Some still do. Its a perfect relationship, everyone benefits. Like family. Three Sisters, that’s the name the Natives gave them. This recipe does not have the squash that’s why I am calling it Two Sisters. As always I invite to experiment to but remember always making choices that serve your intention.

Cali Cauliflower. 

A delicious summer meal made under $5.00 for two with organic ingredients and a savory taste and low in calories.

Powdered Alchohol: Palchohol.

The Feds have approved the very first powdered alcohol. Que? Que? Yes Mami. Powdered vodka will be available at most liquor stores this summer. The inventor of Palchohol says that he had the bright idea of making the powder form of alcohol when he realized that after arriving to the top of his hike with…

IT’S B A N A N A S: Did you know bananas are actually a berry.

Sometimes It feels  impossible to do the right thing all the time.  I was thinking of what I should make for dinner using the quickly  withering fruits and veggies in the kitchen. I don’t like wasting food, because it’s a sin (according to my abuelita) and food is costly. I had bananas and berries and…

Chiles Rellenos, Cruelty Free by Victor Lomeli.

Jamaica or Hibiscus sabdariffa L.was brought to Mexico from Africa during the colonial days, it has now become one of the most cultivated crops in Mexico. The benefits of Jamaica make me wanna shout out and tell everyone I love about its goodness.

Instead of Menudo: The hangover cure. La Cruda.

Okay it’s a bit dramatic to call this the hangover cure, everyone knows what cures a hangover. However I am so excited to share this recipe with everybody. I won’t bore you with the details but this  soup is said to support adrenal health, and helps your liver process alcohol and excess sugar and encourages the…

So Fresh & So Clean. Frescos Tacos Recipe

 So Fresh & So Clean. Frescos Tacos Recipe  by Victor Lomeli What’s for dinner? For many of us it is a struggle to keep our Sal Mineo figure, it seems like everyone is buying supplements, fat burners, shakes and kreatines, space food just to try and have a waist, oh lord love a duck. I…