Guacamole. Aztec delight with a California twist. 

Delicious and simple.   What you will need. 4 Avocados  1 Onion  3 Cloves of garlic  1 bunch cilantro  Sea salt / Amino Acid Cummin  For this  recipe make sure you start with quality ingredients.  Quality isn’t always the most expensive.   Aguacates can be super expensive in some parts of the U.S. but they can…

Private Yoga by Victor Lomeli . Not Just For Celebrities.

. I think the only time I really liked it dark in the class was on the days when Matt Bomer would come to practice,as he practiced topless and it was a major distraction for the ladies and the men. Not complaining. If you are a member at Equinox then you have probably heard of something called The Pursuit. It’s basically like being inside a video, I love it for Spinning however that tool was not one that