Bree Olson Charging on Periscope.

Former Charlie Sheen goddess tribe member , porn performer Bree Olson has got some broadcasters on periscope feeling like they’ve got sand in their panties when she announced Friday night in a scope title “How To Get More Follows on Social…” that effective immediately she will no longer be following anyone unless she is payed $10.00 via PayPal. I am not completely sure if its also $10.00 for Instagram, Periscope, Facebook, SnapChat each or just $10.00.

Singing For Change Outside The Santa Monica Farmers Market.

I was doing my weekly trip to The Santa Monica Farmers Market when I heard a beautiful song playing.  I was surprised to find out that it was live  and that this voice belonged to Melanie Matthews an opera singer and play write.  She told me she wrote a play called “To Die For Mandy”…