Instead of Menudo: The hangover cure. La Cruda.

Okay it’s a bit dramatic to call this the hangover cure, everyone knows what cures a hangover. However I am so excited to share this recipe with everybody. I won’t bore you with the details but this¬†¬†soup is said to support adrenal health, and helps your liver process alcohol and excess sugar and encourages the…

What’s Good This Week: Farmers Market

Here is a little preview of what’s coming up this week: A new discovery for me is the Lobster Mushroom it is exciting. The velvety Purple Queen Beans. What a blessing. So please check in during the week for some recetas.

Fresh Ribbon Pepino Salad. Cucumber Ribbon Salad.

On hot summer days like today who wants to turn on the estufa? Ay no, I know I don’t. Well the following is one of my favorite cold salads that is low in fat, sugar. I also used my new dressing that I am so excited about.