Yes Dandelions are edible. Of course don’t go out and pick the growing off the sidewalk, I know times are tough but this tangy weed is about 2.00 a lbs. and organic. Dandelions have many healing qualities and it is said to help you lose some of that water weight. It is loaded with vitamins…

Boyle Heights- How To Get Chola Abs.

Boyle Heights

A few summers ago artist Retna did the wall and I did a little art directing and we came up with this, The three girls in this set all have babies, coming up how do they keep their LA Bodies ?

How to Lose weight without Losing Your Cabeza. By Victor Lomeli

Losing weight can sometimes make you feel like you have lost your mind, In Los Angeles being 5 pounds overweight can be deadly to your dating pool, unless of course you like to date bear or cholos. I don’t mean to sound superficial or vain but It’s the game that we play here in LA,…