Private Yoga by Victor Lomeli . Not Just For Celebrities.

. I think the only time I really liked it dark in the class was on the days when Matt Bomer would come to practice,as he practiced topless and it was a major distraction for the ladies and the men. Not complaining. If you are a member at Equinox then you have probably heard of something called The Pursuit. It’s basically like being inside a video, I love it for Spinning however that tool was not one that

Instead of Menudo: The hangover cure. La Cruda.

Okay it’s a bit dramatic to call this the hangover cure, everyone knows what cures a hangover. However I am so excited to share this recipe with everybody. I won’t bore you with the details but this¬†¬†soup is said to support adrenal health, and helps your liver process alcohol and excess sugar and encourages the…

V Fitspiration: Kettle Bell

One of the sexiest exercises are done in Kettle Bell Training, and this guy Cameron McGarr is in touch with his bells. Training in kettle bell will leave you with a tight core beautiful lines and power. This is a bit of fitspiration for you on a hump day.