Private Yoga by Victor Lomeli . Not Just For Celebrities.

. I think the only time I really liked it dark in the class was on the days when Matt Bomer would come to practice,as he practiced topless and it was a major distraction for the ladies and the men. Not complaining. If you are a member at Equinox then you have probably heard of something called The Pursuit. It’s basically like being inside a video, I love it for Spinning however that tool was not one that

UJJAYI BREATH. The Main Focal Point in Our Practice.

“…Not just a physical ability but an ability to relate to world around us and to discover the world within us…”-David Swenson This video by David Swenson is very informative. I have highlighted some of the points in this video and also put my two cents in. Pronounced OOH JAH E. Ujjayi is basically the…