Sisley Cosmetics.

Super long lasting and beautiful wear. 12  long hours and it does not crack.   Use this as a guide for your application. Notice the long strokes, the rhythm and pattern.  Build a relationship with your product, like a new boyfriend start slow and see how far you want to go.   I always like to heat the face up a little  by warming up my hands and applying soft and gentle pressure to the skin, just to allow the make-up to set.

Also please never try to match your foundation on your own. I can always help.

“Phyto-Teint Expert fluid foundation combines a smoothing, unifying and very long-lasting effect with a natural result. Expert in make-up: it provides radiant make-up, optimal coverage and masks imperfections in the complexion (ultra-pure pigments, perfecting and soft-focus powders). Expert in holding power: “SISLEY Color Expert” technology guarantees pure color and a perfect complexion for 12 hours. Expert in skincare: its formula rich in active ingredients of natural origin (Frangipani blossom, Cucumber, Gingko biloba) softens, moisturizes and enhances the skin day after day. Its ultra-sensory, soft and enveloping texture allows easy application and leaves the skin feeling comfortable. Oil-free, non-comedogenic formula suitable for all skin types including sensitive.”

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