Hair Extensions.



Hair Extension will vary in price according to technique,  supply , demand grade, texture and color.


Why me? 

I first learned how to do extensions in the ’90’s. Learning from a woman named Sheila.  A beautiful black woman from compton who looked like vanessa williams body and all. I met her whilst in beauty school and she had earned her living braiding and doing extensions since the age of 12.  She once told me she had bought her dream car at 16 years old; a beetle with a personalized licensed plate OSHEILA  – Im not sure how she spelled it.  She taught me the art of plaiting, how to cornrow, how to plan a sew in, how to french lace, the no knot braid.  She was in beauty school because the State now required braiders and extension masters be licensed. The knowledge she taught me was passed down to her, I cannot thank her enough for sharing the knowledge.

After my apprentiship with Laini Reeves  I went on to assist hairdresser  Steven Lake who taught me a similar technique from london called “the antenna” technique.  It was very similar to the no knot braid. Amazing.

Then Holland brought us the knot technique. Its an option.

Then came Y2K with Greath Lengths.

Polyurethane Weft:. I call this “the sandwich”.



Like Diddy says “Everything ain’t for everybody”. So why I tell you this is because it’s important to manage your expectation from the extensions.

What do you want?  Length or Volume

How much length.?


Can you afford the upkeep Time and money?