From RETNAs and MACs ALIANZA hair and glam by Victor Lomeli

The look was “Gangster Girl” so I decided to go big on the hair HUGE. I remember all the girls in the neighborhood teasing up their hair high and getting spiral perms, wanted to take some of what I learned from being the apprentice to Laini Morris (now Laini Reeves) back in the day when she was still at The Toni&Guy Academy with her then husband Mr.Morris and of course what I learned from my mother and wigs. We shot this in Boyle Heights at my apartment across the street from Casa 0101.

On Samantha I used a 100% human hair lace front wig that I had from a previous shoot for a HOT TOPIC gig,the sides I made using a wefts and adding clips to fasten, the fringe or bangs I attached to the front to give a full effect. I was going after pretty rough or rough pretty.

Joanna the blonde had so much hair that It was simple set in rollers, sprayed brushed out and pinned up.

Rio- Is a tattoo artist and is super tall, weft pony and done.

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