Little Freddy.


Little Freddy by RETNA Grooming by Victor Lomeli
Little Freddy by RETNA Grooming by Victor Lomeli


When RETNA asked me to collaborate with him on this shoot it was originally just girls, and we were going for a GANGSTER GIRL feel. At the time I didn’t know what the final product would look like.   This is little Freddy, he was my neighbor in Boyle Heights,  I knew that he would be a great actor for this role. He was already doing theatre at Josefina Lopez’s Casa 0101 in Boyle Heights and had been wooed by a Hollywood producer.  Freddy’s dream was to become an actor and a lawyer  the first because he was truly talented and the later because he had experienced so much injustice ( we had a slum lord)  his godfather Father Gregory Boyle sponsored his education. The Los Angeles Times had done a piece on him when they discovered him at a  writers group he was a part of at HomeBoy Industries.  It is worth a read. Truly a touching story. The ironic part of all this at the time the print of this photo came out Freddy was in jail for tagging and he didn’t know he was up at a gallery. I believe the photo turned into a print with the paint on top.  It was a like shooting with family.

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