6th St. Urban Garden. Arts District.

The 6th Street Urban Garden is located in the perimeter of the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles.   According to Johnny White the space was caught in limbo due to all the new development of condos.  I find that a little hard to believe because those developers are always making sure that they acquire…

Bree Olson Charging on Periscope.

Former Charlie Sheen goddess tribe member , porn performer Bree Olson has got some broadcasters on periscope feeling like they’ve got sand in their panties when she announced Friday night in a scope title “How To Get More Follows on Social…” that effective immediately she will no longer be following anyone unless she is payed $10.00 via PayPal. I am not completely sure if its also $10.00 for Instagram, Periscope, Facebook, SnapChat each or just $10.00.