Fresh Ribbon Pepino Salad. Cucumber Ribbon Salad.

On hot summer days like today who wants to turn on the estufa? Ay no, I know I don’t. Well the following is one of my favorite cold salads that is low in fat, sugar. I also used my new dressing that I am so excited about.

Egg in the Hole Portobella Mushroom.

The egg in the hole portobella mushroom. This idea came to me when I was walking past The Figaro Cafe in Los Feliz. But instead of using bread what if I used a portobella mushroom. Well I did it and it was delicious.


Yes Dandelions are edible. Of course don’t go out and pick the growing off the sidewalk, I know times are tough but this tangy weed is about 2.00 a lbs. and organic. Dandelions have many healing qualities and it is said to help you lose some of that water weight. It is loaded with vitamins…