The scalp has it’s own eco system happening up there, your own personal biome. This creates a natural defense for bacterias, however the amount of toxins in the atmosphere and the toxic products like the ones found in some dry shampoos offset the balance in our biome.


Carrie Fisher is dead at 60 after cardiac complications. I know the last post which was two days ago I said I would post some more uplifting content.   Sorry.   Carrie Fisher does not have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame however both of her parents actors Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Reynolds…


Music legend and my favorite artist Prince is dead at 57. The man who had the hottest little waist and the sexiest grind is now dead.  What did Prince die of? I still have not heard anything of the sort and I don’t even think it matters. What is interesting is that Chyna also passed…

Plot Twist: O.J. Knife Found. Kidding.

Breaking News. Cutie pie from the Los Angeles Police department  gives a press conference about claims from  unnamed retired  LAPD officer recovered ” a knife from the Bucking estate in the ’90’s”. Yes. He claims to have been holding this knife since the ’90’s when it was given to him while he was employed by a…

South Beach.

South Beach took me by surprise.  The place feels a bit bi-polar. The first  thing I notice is the cars and the “boobs”. There are ladies rinding on the back of sports cars the way a princess would in a parade. I know I am in the United States but the flavor here is more like…

Shaved Ice @ Matsumotos

The last stop on my way out from The North Shore was Matsamotos Shave Ice. It seemed that almost everyone I met at the North Shore recommended I come here and when I found it on the Conde Nast Traveler I knew I had to try everything on the menu. The ice is fluffy and airy something between a cloud and cotton candy except not sticky. There are what seems a hundred flavors to pick from here are the flavors:

Japanese Weddings in Hawaii

One of the first things that you will notice anywhere in Honolulu is the amount of Japanese brides around the island. Honolulu has become a major destination spot for this big event. Gone are the days of the traditional dress and heavy guest list.

Bree Olson Charging on Periscope.

Former Charlie Sheen goddess tribe member , porn performer Bree Olson has got some broadcasters on periscope feeling like they’ve got sand in their panties when she announced Friday night in a scope title “How To Get More Follows on Social…” that effective immediately she will no longer be following anyone unless she is payed $10.00 via PayPal. I am not completely sure if its also $10.00 for Instagram, Periscope, Facebook, SnapChat each or just $10.00.

Singing For Change Outside The Santa Monica Farmers Market.

I was doing my weekly trip to The Santa Monica Farmers Market when I heard a beautiful song playing.  I was surprised to find out that it was live  and that this voice belonged to Melanie Matthews an opera singer and play write.  She told me she wrote a play called “To Die For Mandy”…