From Vogue to Seventeen magazine beauty editors are encouraging women to not wash their hair. They are calling this the “no poo” movement. Sarah Theebom went as far to say she has not shampooed her hair in six years (6 years) in an article called “I Haven’t Shampooed My Hair in Six Years”
And it looks and feels better than ever.<
/ She continues to explain ” I get really positive reactions from people when they can see my hair in action. If your hair looks good, then it’s not embarrassing to tell people what your secret is!”

As a professional with over twenty years experience in hair dressing and all things trichology, I find this movement repulsive and unhealthy. It is not my intent to convince you to shampoo your hair but rather to provide professional information that may help you make the decision if the “no poo” movement is for you. If you are my client, stop it right now..

I strongly believe that if you want to keep you hair, you must first keep your scalp clean.

Hair is an extension of our skin, the part of the hairs that most of us are familiar with, is the part that we see, that comes out of our scalp; But what is happening inside the body? The part that most people don’t get to see is more important. Here is an explanation “…the papilla, and root sheaths are all living. These cells proliferate and push up the daughter cells inward and upward towards the cortex and medulla zones. As the cells are pushed together, two things happen (1) they start synthesizing *a lot* of keratin protein and (2) they start to squeeze out their cytoplasm. By the time they are in the cortex/medulla they are not really living cells any more but inert bags of keratin protein. Down at the base of the the hair follicle, as the living cells continue to do their thing, more and more keratin-filled cellular reminats are pushed upwards and the hair shaft increases in length…” The hair is pushed out through pores in the scalp, if there is anything blocking the hair from coming out that little production will end and thus cause hair loss.

The environment we live is filled with toxins and unmentionables, we drive or take the subway, we inadvertently leaning on doors, or the headrest of the uber, or a plane, or touching ones hair, or walking past a construction zone, or our pets touching us, or us touching our pets and then touching our hair. Hair is like a filter, and it can get very dirty and it needs to be washed, period. If the hairs aren’t washed and kept free of the unmentionables these can end up on your scalp.

The scalp has it’s own eco system happening up there, your own personal biome. This creates a natural defense for bacterias, however the amount of toxins in the atmosphere and the toxic products like the ones found in some dry shampoos offset the balance in our biome.

So what to do? If you want good hair start with:

SCALP TREATMENTS. I have come up with a scalp treatment that utilizes the ancient scientific brushing method and essential oils. I recommend this every other week for 6 weeks. It takes about 27 days for the cells to replenish. I have also formulated a daily scalp spray that encourages rehabilitation of the scalp.

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