Jaiba & Nopales Ceviche Salad.   A Mexican Vegan Southern California Delight. Groove is the heart. 

What to have for dinner tonight?


Jaiba and Nopales. Imitation crab meat and Mexican cactus Ceviche.  Well that title is a mouthful I hope it makes sense. If. Not let me explain.

If you live in L.A. or any place with a  “Latino” community you can most likely stop by the “carniceria” the “la tiendita ” or “bodega” depending on where you live, (I bet there’s one somewhere google it ) and grab some nopales aka cactus plants, that have already been cleaned and depricked, ( is that a word?). Perhaps your local whole foods or farmed market also carries them. But again I’m coming tough from the chippie capital of the world. This recipe is comfort food for that reason I’m leaving the guilt part out.  On hot summer days it was something we ate  growing up, reminds me of those California Sunsets.

You’ll notice the recipes have the same ingredients this is intentional so that you can prep all the ingredients once a week, making all this easier and doable.

You’ll need the following.

1/2 lb of imitation crab ( make sure it’s vegan but I bet it has a million calories. I’m afraid to look. You can if you want.)

5 small nopales cut into squares  ( cactus)

1 onion diced

4 small tomatoes diced

1 bunch of cilantro

4 limes. Juicy.

1 large jalapeño. Ah come on try it.

Sea Salt.


So make sure you get the imitation crab meat, there is another type that is fish protein, and basically it’s a bunch of ground fish. So cuidado.


Pull the imitation crab meat into pieces.

Add the chopped tomatoes

And the onions

And tomatoes

And cilantro

And limes

Sprinkle the salt

Mix and mix

Then add the nopalitos.

And mix it all together.


Sliced Nopales.


Enjoy. If you’re not afraid of calories put it on a tostada with some veganse. And pow mami. You got yourself a California dinner.


Jaiba and Nopalito Ceviche








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