Don’t Let Them Take Your Glow Away. Lets Shine Together

Sean Diddy Combs loves moisture and moisturizers “Dont let them take your glow away, Baby he says an an Instagram post  whilst he is getting a facial treatment from one of my favorite people; Santa Monica, CA based celebrity aesthetician Cinthia Lomeli.  GQ’s Justin Fenner wrote a little piece titled “Diddy Wants You to Live Your Best Life…While Getting 3-Step Pre-Oscars Facial”   Because Cinthia is my close friend and aesthetician of over 20 years, I decided to give her a ring and ask her about this 3 Step Pre Oscar Facial, of course she was with another one of her mogul client. She has this cultish following because she has developed skin care and facial protocols that give skin a healthy and fresh glow. When you have cameras on you that close you better be sure you’re not ashy.

Sure you may not have a few hundred dollars to have a treatment by celebrity esthetician Cinthia,but you can mosdef get some things to do on the daily that will help you keep that glow baby. Lets shine together.


The Protocol:


Next Step:

I LOVE YOU!!!!! #loveyourself #TreatYourself #CinthiaLomeli #Esthetician

A video posted by Puff Daddy (@iamdiddy) on Feb 28, 2016 at 6:44pm PST


The Mask. “Let’s Shine Together”


A video posted by Puff Daddy (@iamdiddy) on Feb 28, 2016 at 7:04pm PST


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