South Beach.

South Beach Low Riders
South Beach

South Beach took me by surprise.  The place feels a bit bi-polar. The first  thing I notice is the cars and the “boobs”. There are ladies rinding on the back of sports cars the way a princess would in a parade. I know I am in the United States but the flavor here is more like the Dominican Republic.

I checked in to an AirBnb located on Ocean in the heart of all things cars and boobs and booty and of course there is no where to park. Well it feels like there is no where to park but 10 blocks west finally found a  place, It did give me an opportunity to feel the pulse of the city.

Walking to my AirBnb apartment I also notice that almost every restaurant is trying to get get me to eat at their establishments none of them have prices and everything is loud.  The fashion here makes me feel as if I was in a music video.  The Airbnb had nothing going for it but the location.

My First Stop:


Address: 520 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone:(305) 673-1172
Hours: Open today · 5:30AM–11PM

I was surprised at how friendly the staff here is. I don’t have a universal membership but Equinox was able to accommodate my workout a yoga class as a courtesy. Thank you Equinox. If you have never been to an Equinox and plan on joining  tell them I sent you and get a little special perk. They have these quarterly so don’t forget to ask.


Everyone I spoke with also recommend I stop by  THE PALACE BAR for their Drag Queen Brunch. I have been to 1,000 drag shows, drag bingo night, drag brunches so I wasn’t expecting much. Girl was I wrong. This brunch takes the cake. The girls here put a lot of effort into their bodies and costumes. Stunning and raunchy just like the good old drags. The food was almost good but who comes here for the food?  No one. Don’t forget to bring you dollar bills you don’t want to be called out by one of the queens trust me.


Address: 1200 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone:(305) 531-7234
Hours: Open today · 11AM–12AM

I was intrigued by the statue in front of the Erotic Art Museum. It’s a statue of woman being seduced by Satyr.  I decided it was worth a look and for $15.00 admission why not. I have never seen so many vaginas and penis in one place. The collection is endless, it has some works by Klimt an Picasso.

World Erotic Art Museum Miami

Address: 1205 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Hours: Open today · 11AM–10PM
Phone: (305) 532-9336
Founded: 2005
Director: Helmut Schuster


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