Japanese Weddings in Hawaii

Bride and her stylist outside the Moana Hotel in Waikiki.
Japanese Bride in Waikiki outside the Moana Hotel.

Japanese brides love Hawaii but why?  One of the first things that you will notice anywhere in Honolulu is the amount of Japanese brides around the island. Honolulu has become a major destination spot for this big event.  Gone are the days of the traditional dress and heavy guest list.

Why Hawaii?

The simple answer; its paradise, but other incentives such as a low guest list and money savings are the most popular choices. Young couples are opting for this instead of the traditional Japanese weddings which can cost thousands and thousands of dollars.

I witnessed some pretty young lads and girls tying the knot all over the Island wearing some of the cutest leis and outfits that I had ever seen.

Here are some of the favorite locations for wedding Pics:

The North Shore @ Sunset Beach.Some of the waves here can come put to 40 feet.

Waikiki: This is the place where you will see a lot of brides on the street as some the best designer boutiques are here like Chanel, Viviene Westwood, Tiffany, Jimmy Choo.

The Moana Hotel: 2365 Kalākaua Avenue




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