6th St. Urban Garden. Arts District.

The 6th Street Urban Garden is located in the perimeter of the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles.   According to Johnny White the space was caught in limbo due to all the new development of condos.  I find that a little hard to believe because those developers are always making sure that they acquire every inch of land that is due to them.   Johnny also claims to have planted every plant that has been planted there.  There are lime trees and orange trees and avocado trees and succulents like aloe vera and Mexican cactus.

Unfortunately, the garden is not open to the general public you will have to be invited by one of the tenants of the building. World famous diabetic and graphic designer turned street artist Shepard Fairey had his studio in one of these lofts before he hit it big with the Obama poster. There are many notable artists living in this building.  Another way to see the garden is to rent one of the lofts or a room in one of the lofts on AirBnB.

On my tour of the garden I came across interesting and sexy characters. Here is Vera X Drake and her beautiful friend giving us a tour of the 6th St. Garden.



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