Bree Olson Charging on Periscope.

Bree Olson. Former Charlie Sheen Goddess Tribe member and porn performer .
Former Charlie Sheen goddess tribe member , porn performer Bree Olson has got some broadcasters  on periscope feeling like they’ve got sand in their panties when she announced  Friday night in a scope title “How To Get More Follows on Social…”  that effective immediately she will no longer be following anyone  unless she is  payed  $10.00 via PayPal.  I am not completely sure if its also $10.00  for Instagram, Periscope, Facebook, SnapChat  each or just $10.00.
I have to admit that I had no idea who the hell Bree Olson was until last month  when when of my pericope friends explained her to me. I tuned in and there was a blonde girl, sassy, mouth, she is driving  a  car  frantically sharing a story about how the teller at Bank of America short changed her $600.00 dollars of her $3,000 withdraw.  I was impressed not at her story telling but at how people where like flies on honey just bombarding her scope. I mean she’s pretty  outside LA or Miami.  It seemed to be  that a lot of people where hating on Ms.Bree Olson when I went on periscope Friday night and there was a lot of negativity so I decided to swipe into her scope.    I mean these people are upset she is charging for a follow, I mean seriously, she was charging people to see her in some intimate and pretty risky poses why would’t she charge for a follow. Not everything is free and if Ms. Bree can find people to give her $10.00 for a follow, why not?  Some would say “It’s the American Way” . One of her fans called her Breeonce.

How paying $10.00 will get me more follows I really don’t know? But I am tempted to see if it actually works.  I think I am going to try. Would you pay Bree $10.00 for a follow?

When I last heard she had sold 100.00

How to purchase a follow:

Go to


Click on the follows you want to buy

You can even buy a PRIVATE SCOPE for $99.00


Go on Mrs. Bree do your thang.


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