President Obama Made Me Cry: Marriage Equality for All.

Marriage Equality for ALL!

I realize that this blog is getting a little not food I’m in the process of categorizing a little better, But I am full of gay feelings that I had to share president Obamas Speech. The supreme court has ruled that same sex marriage is legal nation wide. Yup. So this is good, we will be seeing more gay weddings new traditions. 

President Obamas Speech:  I was in tears watching this, and not just because I’m a big o gay I think it’s because It was heartfelt. I reminds me of all the work that has been done by the older queers and so much he talked about being bullied and harassed, lord that was a heavy.

During the speech I was  of the time I road the bus to somewhere in Leimert Park, because I wanted to hear this man speak. Flyers had been passed out and the kids mostly high school aged laughed at the idea of a black man being elected president.  They laughed.  So today I realize that we have come a long way, and that the future is brighter if we work on. it. Small steps, big results.

We are All Created Equal” President Obama

The Firtst Gay wedding in Los Angeles, Ahhhh we’ve come such a long way…

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