Private Yoga by Victor Lomeli . Not Just For Celebrities.

Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long show up to Victor Lomelis Heated Vinyasa Class in West Hollywood.
Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long show up to Victor Lomelis Heated Vinyasa Class in West Hollywood.

After 2 Years of teaching Heated Vinyasa at Earth’s Power Yoga on Melrose Ave.  I have decided to focus on private and semi-private instruction.  Earth’s Power Yoga has morphed into something called YOGASCAPE which is basically computer generated images animated by Steven Earth Metz  that are projected around  the wall in a dark windowless room heated to 92-94 degree with a humidity set at 50%.  I think the only time I really liked it dark in the class was on the days  when Matt Bomer would come to practice,as  he practiced topless and it was a major distraction for the ladies and the men. I’m Not complaining.
If you are a member at Equinox then you have probably heard of something called The Pursuit. It’s basically like being inside a video game. So it’s a bit like Yogascape, with technology from R/GA and community immersion. I love it for Spinning,  however the YOGASCAPE  tool was not one that I could incorporate into the classes at Earth’s Power Yoga studio.  YOGASCAPE  is fantastic for those who want to have a Crossfit® type  experience, the movements  are fast paced, the music is loud and the heat is on and the rooms is dark except for the psychedelic images on the wall . Its David Barton meets Budha.

My classes are the opposite. My focus is on alignment, THE BREATH,  investment and payoff.  I guess I have become OLD SKOOL.


Yoga for me is more than just postures. In my studies and practice I have embraced the 8 limbs of YOGA. Practicing yoga in this way is more than just showing up to a class to see how much of a beat down one could get from a teacher in an asana class. Yoga for me became a compass of how I was doing in my life. How I was feeling, how I was going get through the day, how I was going to react to someone cutting me off.   It opened my mind and my lungs to where I was no longer panicking about everything that was thrown at me. Through the practice of the 8 limbs of Yoga I began to breath and make better choices in my relationships with loved ones, with food, with associates and clients.  Yoga is actually not about poses it’s all about the BREATH. it’s about trying to surrender to every moment, it’s about not reacting to all the gibberish your mind is spewing, It’s about allowing the breath to move trough the dark areas of the body and the mind to bring light and lightness to those areas. I know it sounds so newage, or old SKOOL.  But I can only share what I know.

Yoga Student Matt Bommer in Magic Mike
Yoga Student Matt Bommer in Magic Mike

I had an awesome time at this studio and I have a lot of great memories of the students my dancers, actors, performers, mothers, executives, rock stars all here. It was great to have subbed for some of WeHo’s favorite like Omar Lopez and Mark Guibarelli. If you ever get an opportunity to practice with them take it!  You can find them on Classpasscom or if you have a mindbody account you can also find them there.

Please reach out if you have any questions, comments, observations or concerns or if you would like private or semi-private instruction. Se habla español.

Private yoga is not just for Celebrities.

I’ve compiled a list of the past teachers in case anyone is wondering. You can check CLASSPASS or MINDBODY for times and locations. Please add if you know others:



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