According to an article I read today by Bouree Lam on the Atlantic Emojis are now acceptable at work, as if I wasn’t already using them. I mean really, really using them, all of them not just the happy face.

They say the line between love in hate is in the tone and delivery, and it is for this reason that I love Emoji. It prevents us from being lost in textlation.

“They found three primary uses: to express positive vibes, to mark jokes, and lastly to either strengthen or soften statements that could be misread as reprimanding. An American study found that on that last point, smiley faces in email can reduce negative interpretations.”
-Bouree Lam

So if you haven’t already started using them, take a look at some of the cool ones. Some favorites, see if you can find them.

The Thumbs Up.
The Taxi Cab
The Baby
The Sun.

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