Urdhva Vrikshasana: Upward Tree Position

The second in the series THINK CLASS IS TOO EASY?

First pose in the Sun Salutation A :Urdhva Vrikshasana
Let’s break it down beloved.
Here is the translation.
Urdhva (ऊर्ध्व, Ūrdhva) = up, upwards
Vriksha (वृक्ष, Vṛkṣa) = Tree, especially with visible Blossoms or Fruits
Asana (आसन, Āsana) = Position, Posture, Pose

And here is a demonstration of the pose.

Yeah girl  that’s the first pose in Urdhva Vrikshasana. That yogi in that video has demonstrated the possibility of this pose We may get there we may not but where ever we are surrender to the truth that no class is ever too easy.

So let’s investigate the pose a little bit more : On an inhale arms lift up. The breath is long and deep and controlled it enters through the nose and it swirls around the thought before it enter the lungs,  then allowing the  breath to drop to the bottom of the belly just below the navel the ribs lift and the lungs expand, the bandas are locked and the residual tension is released with every exhale. The Drishti or gaze is to the middle of the thumb.

So here it is. Reason number 2 class could never be to easy.

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