UJJAYI BREATH. The Main Focal Point in Our Practice.

“…Not just a physical ability but an ability to relate to world around us and to discover the world within us…”-David Swenson

This video by David Swenson is very informative. I have highlighted some of the points in this video and also put my two cents in.
Pronounced OOH JAH E. Ujjayi is basically the breath practice in Ashtanga, Power Yoga, Hot Yoga which is a mix of what I currently teach. It is my hope that I can excite you and guide you to and  through your breath, the  following is how I have come to understand it.

In my classes I find that the rooms are really quiet. Meaning no one is breathing. When I lead the practice I repeat myself over and over and over again almost begging but no one starts breathing. In other classes I have discovered that most teachers have simply given up on the breathing all together.  I suspect the main reason students aren’t practicing ujjayi breath during asana practice may be because they are not yet comfortable with the sound of the breath.

What separates yoga from gymnastics or an aerobics class is the breath.  We call it UJJAYI BREATHING

  • What is UJJAYI BREATH?
  •  Ujjayi means sound breathing.
  • The breath is  long, deep, controlled,
  •  It is an audible breath, sounds like the Ocean.
  •  practiced  with focus  intent and ahimsa.
  • Allow the air to swirl around your throat before it enters the lungs
  • The breath is the  purpose of the entire practice
  • It may appear to be a practice that requires much physical ability, but that is simply not true. It’s really the practice of bringing awareness of the physical mind to the emotional being and then challenging you to do your very best in both psychical and emotional self.
  • Use the Bandahs: Mula Bandha, Uddiyana Bandha these will create a deep heat that serves as a fever which cleanses the *nervous system.

Mūla Bandha (मूल बंध) compound term: Mūla    Mula means Root Lock and Banha means “catching a hold of”.

The Peranium Muscles are in front of the anus behind the genitals.  It’s the lifting of the muscle and drawing the energy up.

Uddiyana bandha Sanskrit: उड्डीयन बन्ध, Uḍḍīyana Bandha

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