Meanwhile in California. Glowing Plants.

DIYSECT Episode 3: Fear of the Unknown from DIYSECT on Vimeo.

They say that California is full of nuts and flakes, or maybe that’s just in my circle, but now it may also be full of glowing plants. Que, que? Yes, mami, a couple bio guys have created a synthetically enginereeed plant using synthetic biology that makes it glow in the dark. Antony Evans and Dr. Kyle Taylor have  funded their project using kickstarter

–yes you can still pre-order.

The video asks: what if we could light our streets using the trees?

What’s even more impressive is that these plans will be 3d printed on a 3D printer.

WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? I’ll give you a second to wrap your  mind around that.

Would you own one of these plants?

Watch the video–

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