IT’S B A N A N A S: Did you know bananas are actually a berry.

Sometimes It feels  impossible to do the right thing all the time.  I was thinking of what I should make for dinner using the quickly  withering fruits and veggies in the kitchen. I don’t like wasting food, because it’s a sin (according to my abuelita) and food is costly. I had bananas and berries and sage and collard greens. I thought oooh maybe some PLATANITO TACOS (spanish for bananas) using the collard greens as my wrap some grilled onions, a little guacamole and bam mami a nutritious meal.  In the fruit bowl there are mostly bananas  because they are really really really really really really really inexpensive which got my thinking: WHY? So I do a little search and I discover that Bananas are a berry and they were also once considered exotic, but when I saw this video my jaw fell. Woah.

Bananas, Sardines and Sharks from Delve on Vimeo.

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