Chiles Rellenos, Cruelty Free by Victor Lomeli.


Cruelty Free Chile Relleno.  Seriously I know what you are thinking how can these be chile rellenos with out cheese. Well honey they can be all CHILE RELLENO means is Stuffed Chile. So I have came up with this tasty version and it’s easy to make.

3 Chiles

Grilled Baby Potatoes or any potatoes

Grilled Cauliflower Head

Pineapple Cut in little Squares

Optional: Nut Cheese. I left this out because it’s a little on the fatty side.

Roast the peppers on the stove. Allow to cool. Old Skool style. Until they are black.
Skin the chiles with a knife. Slice on one end down the center, take out the seeds.

Smash your baby potatoes and cauliflower together until it becomes the consistency of stuffing.

Add your little squares of pineapple.

Top with some salsa, and pow mamacita you got yourself a nutritious meal.

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