Viva Calabasitas Y Naranja Dulce, Limon Partido. Live Zucchini Salad With Sweet Orange and Limon Partido.

Calabasitas/Zucchini cut into spaghetti shape using the Benriner Kitchen Helper.

A Mexican favorite is Calabasitas or zucchini. As soon as the heat wave passes the original Calabasitas recipe will be posted in the meantime an exciting fusion just happened right here. It’s all live mijitos. Apoco no? It’s fast its easy its delicious and its bueno para ti, and according to Wikipedia The zucchini fruit is low in calories (approximately 15 food calories per 100 g fresh zucchini) and contains useful amounts of folate (24 mcg/100 g), potassium (280 mg/100 g) and vitamin A (384 IU [115 mcg]/100 g. 1/2 cup of zucchini also contains 19% of the recommended amount of manganese. This fantastic news.


  • 2 Calabasitas/Zuchinni Organic if available and of course you knew that.
  • 2 Limones/Lemons,
  • 1 Naranja/Orange
  • Cut the ends of the Calabasita and cut that into two.
  • Secure the Calabasita on the Beriner usind the spaghetti blade and spin away, perhaps a little cumbia in the background
  • Place in a large glass blow, remember that acids and plastics are not a good mix, pero cada quien, work with what you have
  • Squeeze the Limones and the Naranjas and Mix, perhaps more cumbia in the background or maybe #Thicke and Blurred Lines.
  • Add a little Sea Salt, just a little, maybe some diced roasted peppers, but that’s negotiable since ummmm we are trying to stay away from unnecessary oils.

Let me know how it went. Everyone knows I’d do the splits if someone left a comment.

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