Day 4: I Love and Honor Myself.

LOVE ME by Victor Lomeli.
LOVE ME by Victor Lomeli.

Day 4 of the meditation challenge. “As I love and honor myself my relationships blossom” Today is about discovering a way to honor yourself and show appreciation for yourself. What activities make you feel alive and balanced that you will do for you today? This week? Perhaps you’ll cook one of my low cal lunches, or maybe you’ll show up to that dance class you’ve been wanting to go to. What ever it may be, harvest love and you’ll have an abundance for sharing.


Our willingness to take care of our selves is deeply connected to our ability to receive love from anybody else.  Take care of your self. Tend to your mind,  Your body and your spirit each day. That is what will put you on the path to true love with the  most important person in your life: YOU! Honor yourself and your relationships will blossom beyond your imagination. Every relationship is shaped by the dynamic flow of giving and receiving. We breath in to receive life giving oxygen and as we exhale we nourish the plants and trees with carbon dioxide we share out love creativity and joy and we experience the expansion of those same qualities in our lives. At the deepest level giving and receiving are different aspects of the same flow of energy in the universe. Yet many of us were brought to believe that it is  better to give than to  receive, that it is important to take care of other peoples needs before our own. If you have taken that belief  to heart you may find yourself giving until you are physically exhausted, financially depleted or emotionally drained with little left to give. In reality truly loving relationships depend on the ability to nurture yourself to love yourself and to practice self care, you can only give what you have and your relationship will always mirror how you feel about yourself. Are you treating yourself as the precious lovable soul that you are? Infinitely worthy, infinitely deserving. In the words of the Budahh: You can search the entire universe and not find a single being more worthy of love than you. If you have not been making your own  wellbeing and care  a priority in you life do not use this realization to criticize  or condemn yourself we are always doing the best we can given our current level of awareness as our awareness expands we open to new possibilities and ways of being. Right now at this very moment you have the opportunity to begin giving yourself more love, appreciation and attention. It is never too late. Your true self is pure love and pure spirit.

Todays Centering Thought.
As I love and honor myself, my relationships blossom.
Our Sanskrit mantra:

Om Vardhanam Namah
I nourish the universe and the universe nourishes me.


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