Day 3: I Am a Wondrous Miracle of Life.

I am a wondrous miracle of life.
I am a wondrous miracle of life.

Day 3 of the meditation challenge. Today is all about loving yourself. Often we go around life knocking ourselves down because well life happens. Perhaps a certain someone or a certain something has made you doubt yourself, or  some has placed their basura on you, that makes us feel sucio . Well today, those feelings are about to change. Take the first step to self love.


It is a miracle that each of us is here are  in this moment at  this very time. You are, I am, we are each a miracle in our own right. Did you ever think about our capacity to love  and celebrate other people is directly connected at our ability to fully love ourselves?

Because one believes in ones self one does not try to convince others, because one is content with oneself  one does not need others approval, because one accepts oneself the who world accepts him/her. We expand and experience  a sense of freedom in the moments that we open our hearts to ourselves.  Each time we give ourselves permission to accept who we are in this very moment with love and appreciation  the world around us begins to transform. We can clear a path that allows us to connect to our essential truth. In these quiet moments of glory   we have the opportunity to chose how we relate to ourselves  do we hose to love accept and celebrate ourselves. Self acceptance begins when we expand beyond our thoughts and embrace ourselves knowing that the glories of creation are in our very cells  that we are made of the same essence as the angels, stars and God himself. From this place we become one with our miraculous nature and celebrate the wonder of living life as our authentic selves.  I invite you to join me and begin the practice of gentle acceptance right now: Today I chose to accept myself, I chose to be aware of what it is like to simply be without self judgment. I chose to live each moment knowing  that I AM is enough to sustain me forever. I chose to sit quietly and open my heart to myself, expanding until my being fades into the infinite. Today I behold myself and know deeply that my capacity to love others and for others to love me Is directly connected to the capacity to love myself. Today I chose love. -D.Chopra

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