Day2: I Am A Radiant Spiritual Being.

Day two of the meditation challenge. Buenos Dias Mijos and Mijas, I would like to encourage you to take a little time and join in the meditation challenge. I know it sounds a little new-ageish or del diablo or weird it’s not, or maybe youre worried that you can’t sit still, sometimes some of us cant, but that is the practice my shaktis the more you practice the more natural it becomes. We awaken our potential.

Today is all about the spirit that is inside each of us, some people call it the soul, or the source. Turn your attention to the on that is observing. You will feel a presence. That presence is your soul. The silent observer.

Day 2: The most valuable question we can ask is: Who am I? Some of us define ourselves in terms of our titles, work and roles but our true identity goes beyond all of those things at the very deepest level we are pure Spirit, pure LOVE pure POTENTIAL. Within each of us there is an unchanging spirit. Your true self is not your changing body and mind or even your changing emotion or changing personality all of these have been changing all of your life. The body you had as baby is not the body you are in now. Your essential nature is spirit which is infinite and eternal. The qualities of spirit include compassion creativity joy, equanimity, intuition and bliss. If you have been caught up in an anxious search for love, happiness, or anything else this is wonderful news you can let go of the struggle and the endless quest for self improvement and instead begin to open to the awareness of who you really are. There is no work to do nothing to fix or repair your true self is unchanging and cant be broken. It is pure awareness all encompassing, silent, knowing, unborn and ever the same. Even when feelings of fear or sadness cloud your awareness and cause you to feel isolated and alone, spirit is always there within you shinning with the brilliance of a thousand suns. — feeling wonderful.


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