Nopalitos con Huevos. Cactus & Egg Whites.

20130726-072744.jpgOn any given Sunday Morning in any given Mexican home someone is waking up to the scents of cebollitas, and tomatoes and nopalitos being scrambled with some huevos. In my home they were served on a bolillo a sort of French baguette. More often I take the egg out completely and I mosdef don’t do the bolillo. Altough I do miss it. Wah wah. Nopalitos or Nopales are a great source of fiber and according to Wikipedia “Per US cup serving, nopal fruit provides 13% of the Daily Value for vitamin C and the minerals magnesium (11%) and calcium (14%), and is an excellent source of manganese According to folk medicine, dietary nopales may affect the glycemic index and be useful in diabetes management.[7]” So there mijitos another Idea for breakfast. This is really simple, the main goal here is to source ingredientes that are bueno and organico and fresco, and of course the prep. Nopales are a cactus so they do have prickly needles.
The Huevos, there are so many choices Whole Foods has an entire chart to break it down for you, last time I was there It took me like two hours to decided what type of egg I wanted, who knew buying eggs could be such a civic lesson. Next a video on “Como Prepare The Nopales


1 Nopal
3 Eggs
1/2 Onion
1/2 Jalapeno
1 Large Tomato
1tbs Coconut Oil

Dice the Nopal
Dice the Onions
Dice the Tomato
Crack the egg whites into a bowl
Mix the Nopal,Onion, Tomato, Eggs together
Throw into the heated pan.

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