Oatmeal: Spoon your way into a tiny waist. En Serio.

Guess what?  I think oatmeal makes you skinny

Not that packaged stuff, the real stuff, it’s a available for way less than the pre-packaged stuff. Those are usually high in sugar and sodium and a bunch of other tonterias,  And buying it at the bulk bin you’ll save dollar bills y’all,  what a bonus,que no?  Trader Joes Brand Steel Cut are a saving grace if you happen to live near one,  Okay pues,the only way this will do a body any good is if we make the Oatmeal sans le sugar. Perhaps,add some berries to make the oats a little more exciting.


Lovely, so  you will need

a little pot, una ollita.

4 Cups of Aguita- water

1 cup of Avenita- steel  cut

  Berries to taste.


Bring la aguita to a boil

Sprinkle the cup of Avenita

Let it  thicken a little bit, menea mami menea

Turn down the fuego

let it simmer for 30 minutes,

pour some seasonal fruit to taste and flavor- if you must

Loaded with fiber. I have been reading that some people only eat this for breakfast lunch and dinner.






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