Boyle Heights- How To Get Chola Abs.

Boyle Heights

How do you keep your abs looking so good?

Three of the four girls in this pic have babies, Samantha the little one on the  right has two, Her abs are hard like a rock. I asked Samantha who by the way is not a chola she just plays one,  a couple of questions on how she keeps her abs looking so tight, her answer was simple
“Work out, more than you eat”

Me: I didn’t know you work out?

I don’t work out like other girls, I have my kids so I chase after them constantly, I walk alot, and my I  like to box, it keeps you in top shape, doing drill like sit ups and rope, you don’t need any equipment to train”

Me;  How long did it take you to drop the weight after pregnancy;

“Not long, I was active during my pregnancy, once I had the babies I was taking care of them, I was too exhausted to even eat”
Me: Where did they find you for these pictures

“I was at Golds  Downtown LA boxing, and this guy came up to me and said “hey we’re doing a photoshoot it’s about tough girls, and I think you look the part”  I was like really? So then I showed up.

Me;  So your  best advice for keeping hot abs?

“Do some sit ups, don’t eat junk food specially if you have a tendency to be a gordita”

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