Ave Maria Purisma, can jogging outdoors give you an AIDS like virus?

Barefoot Jogging
Barefoot Jogging.

 I may have to wear a burka this summer or simply stay indoors, I know I know I need to curb my enthusiasm,  excuse, whilst I inhale some aire fresco, may I suggest you take one with me  the report may bumm you out.  Lets breath in for four, hold it for four and exhale for four releasing with a “ha” and moving on to the report.  There is some meshigaz of a disease called CHAGAS and this according to a New York Times article is being called the AIDS of the America, yikes but unlike the AIDS,  CHAGAS is not transmitted sexually but by a bug, a bug! oy dios mios,  with a single celled parasite don’t ask me what that means.  Anyways I had to let out a little novela energy I had from this mornings coffee. Here is the link to the  article.  The article does not say if the bug is already in the United States  I ask,

  • Should we worry?
  • How do you avoid insects while jogging outdoors?

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