UJJAYI BREATH. The Main Focal Point in Our Practice.

“…Not just a physical ability but an ability to relate to world around us and to discover the world within us…”-David Swenson

This video by David Swenson is very informative. I have highlighted some of the points in this video and also put my two cents in.
Pronounced OOH JAH E. Ujjayi is basically the breath practice in Ashtanga, Power Yoga, Hot Yoga which is a mix of what I currently teach. It is my hope that I can excite you and guide you to and  through your breath, the  following is how I have come to understand it.

In my classes I find that the rooms are really quiet. Meaning no one is breathing. When I lead the practice I repeat myself over and over and over again almost begging but no one starts breathing. In other classes I have discovered that most teachers have simply given up on the breathing all together.  I suspect the main reason students aren’t practicing ujjayi breath during asana practice may be because they are not yet comfortable with the sound of the breath.

What separates yoga from gymnastics or an aerobics class is the breath.  We call it UJJAYI BREATHING

  • What is UJJAYI BREATH?
  •  Ujjayi means sound breathing.
  • The breath is  long, deep, controlled,
  •  It is an audible breath, sounds like the Ocean.
  •  practiced  with focus  intent and ahimsa.
  • Allow the air to swirl around your throat before it enters the lungs
  • The breath is the  purpose of the entire practice
  • It may appear to be a practice that requires much physical ability, but that is simply not true. It’s really the practice of bringing awareness of the physical mind to the emotional being and then challenging you to do your very best in both psychical and emotional self.
  • Use the Bandahs: Mula Bandha, Uddiyana Bandha these will create a deep heat that serves as a fever which cleanses the *nervous system.

Mūla Bandha (मूल बंध) compound term: Mūla    Mula means Root Lock and Banha means “catching a hold of”.

The Peranium Muscles are in front of the anus behind the genitals.  It’s the lifting of the muscle and drawing the energy up.

Uddiyana bandha Sanskrit: उड्डीयन बन्ध, Uḍḍīyana Bandha

Powdered Alchohol: Palchohol.

Palcohol Label. Cosmopolitan.

Palcohol Label. Cosmopolitan.

The Feds have approved the very first powdered alcohol. Que? Que? Yes Mami. Powdered vodka will be available at most liquor stores this summer. The inventor of Palchohol says that he had the bright idea of making the powder form of alcohol when he realized that after arriving to the top of his hike with mixers and bottle in tow it was to much and he had to come up with a better way to do this. So the powder alcohol was born.Who the h+ll hikes and has a drink only to hike back down buzzed?. The Palchohol comes in a little gold aluminum bag, simply add water and bam you got yourself a drink. Currently it comes in 3 flavors. Cosmo, Vodka and Margarita.

Meanwhile in California. Glowing Plants.

DIYSECT Episode 3: Fear of the Unknown from DIYSECT on Vimeo.

They say that California is full of nuts and flakes, or maybe that’s just in my circle, but now it may also be full of glowing plants. Que, que? Yes, mami, a couple bio guys have created a synthetically enginereeed plant using synthetic biology that makes it glow in the dark. Antony Evans and Dr. Kyle Taylor have  funded their project using kickstarter

–yes you can still pre-order.

The video asks: what if we could light our streets using the trees?

What’s even more impressive is that these plans will be 3d printed on a 3D printer.

WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? I’ll give you a second to wrap your  mind around that.

Would you own one of these plants?

Watch the video–


Viva Mexico!
The first sustainable airport in the world has started construction in Mexico City and according the renderings this place is beautiful, grand and airy, and futuristic. It will harness the energy from the sun, collect rain water, is super light weight, uses outside air for its climate control, with little or no additional cooling or heating. I’m jumping out of my skin here, people — the project is a collaboration by Lord Foster and Fernando Romero, between Foster + Partners, FR-EE (Fernando Romero Enterprise). I am in love. Check out the video:


“Designed to be the world’s most sustainable airport, the compact single terminal uses less materials and energy than a cluster of buildings. The design ensures short walking distances and few level changes, it is easy to navigate, and passengers will not have to use internal trains or underground tunnels – it is a celebration of space and light.”

Art Meets Food: Black Market Pudding.

I always say food is not art. Food is nutrition and health but I do like to see what the nerds of the world are doing with their degrees, grants and free time.  I have discovered a guy called John O’Shea according to his website.

Black Market Pudding represents a completely novel, ethically conscious, food product; a traditional blood sausage of the UK and Ireland – combining congealed pigs blood with various fats, cereals, herbs and spices – manufactured using blood taken from a living pig.”

I have no idea why a vegan or vegetarian would want to eat the blood of an animal but, it’s always interesting to bring you the interesting.  What do you think would you eat Black Market Pudding?

IT’S B A N A N A S: Did you know bananas are actually a berry.

Sometimes It feels  impossible to do the right thing all the time.  I was thinking of what I should make for dinner using the quickly  withering fruits and veggies in the kitchen. I don’t like wasting food, because it’s a sin (according to my abuelita) and food is costly. I had bananas and berries and sage and collard greens. I thought oooh maybe some PLATANITO TACOS (spanish for bananas) using the collard greens as my wrap some grilled onions, a little guacamole and bam mami a nutritious meal.  In the fruit bowl there are mostly bananas  because they are really really really really really really really inexpensive which got my thinking: WHY? So I do a little search and I discover that Bananas are a berry and they were also once considered exotic, but when I saw this video my jaw fell. Woah.

Bananas, Sardines and Sharks from Delve on Vimeo.

Chiles Rellenos, Cruelty Free by Victor Lomeli.


Cruelty Free Chile Relleno.  Seriously I know what you are thinking how can these be chile rellenos with out cheese. Well honey they can be all CHILE RELLENO means is Stuffed Chile. So I have came up with this tasty version and it’s easy to make.

3 Chiles

Grilled Baby Potatoes or any potatoes

Grilled Cauliflower Head

Pineapple Cut in little Squares

Optional: Nut Cheese. I left this out because it’s a little on the fatty side.

Roast the peppers on the stove. Allow to cool. Old Skool style. Until they are black.
Skin the chiles with a knife. Slice on one end down the center, take out the seeds.

Smash your baby potatoes and cauliflower together until it becomes the consistency of stuffing.

Add your little squares of pineapple.

Top with some salsa, and pow mamacita you got yourself a nutritious meal.