Mark Guibarelli Hollywood Hot Yoga Teacher “In 2012 I managed to pick up MRSA and it dissolved the skin in my leg and infected my blood. If i would have treated it with garlic in it’s early stages I would not have had a scar like a bullet in my leg” To find out how Mark healed his wound visit his website. He offers an organic solution .

You know the feeling: You battled traffic and maybe dodged a few fenders and fought for a parking spot to get your favorite spot inside the yoga studio. You check in, but you forgot your mat so you rent one and also a towel. You wait outside the studio waiting for shavasana to end so you can claim your spot. It ends and everybody is sweaty and walking barefoot past you, you wonder how that girl manages to keep a full face of makeup, lash extensions and a weave. The guys also sweaty look great in their topless yoga outfits. You set your rented mat down and ahhh finally you can relax it’s a like a hot cozy bed. You stretch your arms over your head and wait for the instructor to begin. Your mind begins to wonder and you start to wonder how clean is this “special yoga floor”, you start to wonder  why your rented towel has the slight scent of an overused kitchen rag, you wonder how this yoga rented mat was cleaned, or if it even was cleaned. “It has to be clean, this is a $20.00 class in Hollywood” becomes your mantra.  Finally you ask yourself: Is hot yoga a hotbed for infections?

The simple answer is YES, It can be.

Unlike other business like restaurants who are regulated and overseen by the Health Department and Sports clubs who follow strict guidelines  set by the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association.  Yoga studios ARE NOT  subject to strict sanitary standards. Yes re-read the last line: yoga studios aren’t subject to strict sanitary standards so the only advocate you have for your health is YOU.


STUDIO SANITATION: If you have ever entered the studio immediately after a class ended and no one disinfected to floor, leave immediately. Imagine what could be on the floor athletes foot, fungus, cold and flu virus and the most brutal MRSA. If the studio says they do not have to clean because the floor is antibacterial then you have to wonder what that floor is doing to your skin. At Equinox Fitness the floor is sanitized after EVERY single class. A cleaning crew of 4 comes and disefects the every inch of the studio and also get hauled off to be sanitized.  No one is allowed in the studio until it’s dry and sanitized. Thank you Equinox Fitness worth every penny.

SANITIZE YOUR MAT & FOLD PROPERLY:  You must sanitize your mat. I encourage you spray the mat down with a disinfectant I like to use quatz which is an anti fungal, anti-bacterial, anti microbial and anti viral. Try folding your mat in half before rolling it.

SHOWER IMMEDIATELY:  Rinse off immediately after MRSA can survive even after it has dried out. So nasty.

WEAR FLIP FLOPS: Flip flops are the best because you can put keep them on while you shower.

DO NOT USE LASH EXTENSIONS or MAKEUP during practice:  Wow lash extensions tend to look great but if you are practicing hot yoga lash extensions can become dangerous, Imagine all the filth that is  left over in the lashes. You have to think that you are in heated room breathing other people waste. Think about that for a minute.

CLEAN TOWELS: Use a fresh clean towel every single time. If the towel has a funky scent, there could be mold in that towel throw it away.

TOUCHING: Don’t touch your face, nose or mouth during or before showering.

HAIR: Wash your hair, sorry ladies that blow out is not worth getting a staph infection on your scalp I have seen it and there is nothing sexy about that.

COVER UP: If you can wear long sleeves and pants do.

PROPS: Do not use public props if they are porus.

WASH AND SANITIZE YOUR CLOTHES: Ladies please wash that outfit after every class a yeast infection is not cute.

Prevention is key here. Do you have any other suggestions or experiences share below. Sharing is caring.

The CDC has come up with the following:

Compromised skin (even minor cuts and scrapes, shaved legs)
Contaminated items and surfaces (towels, band aids, tissues)
Lack of Cleanliness

A photo of a Staph infection from the CDC.

A photo of a Staph infection from the CDC.

– See more at:

To see how Mark healed naturally visit his site. 

Guacamole. Aztec delight with a California twist. 

Delicious and simple.  

What you will need.

  • 4 Avocados 
  • 1 Onion 
  • 3 Cloves of garlic 
  • 1 bunch cilantro 
  • Sea salt / Amino Acid
  • Cummin 

For this  recipe make sure you start with quality ingredients.  Quality isn’t always the most expensive. 

 Aguacates can be super expensive in some parts of the U.S. but they can also be free, a neighbor had a tree and would let me cut them off his tree. So look around or ask your FaceBook friends you’ll be surprised how many people have fruit trees and are willing to share.  California produced 90% of the nations avocados so I feel blessed. 

Scoop out  the Avocados, try scooping as close to the skin as possible, my abuelita tells me there is some very good stuff in that little layer. I believe her. 

The cilantro always organic. SPLURGE on that!  
So dice your onions and chop your cilantro. 

Place the Avocados in a big box. 

Season with salt, cumin, lemon 

With the bottom part of a glass mash the avocados. Leave the pits in there it will prevent the avocados from oxidizing.  

Add the onions and cilantro. Do a little more mashing. 
Taste and serve. 

Private Yoga by Victor Lomeli . Not Just For Celebrities.

Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long show up to Victor Lomelis Heated Vinyasa Class in West Hollywood.

Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long show up to Victor Lomelis Heated Vinyasa Class in West Hollywood.

After 2 Years of teaching Heated Vinyasa at Earth’s Power Yoga on Melrose Ave.  I have decided to focus on private and semi-private instruction.  Earth’s Power Yoga has morphed into something called YOGASCAPE which is basically computer generated images animated by Steven Earth Metz  that are projected around  the wall in a dark windowless room heated to 92-94 degree with a humidity set at 50%.  I think the only time I really liked it dark in the class was on the days  when Matt Bomer would come to practice,as  he practiced topless and it was a major distraction for the ladies and the men. I’m Not complaining.
If you are a member at Equinox then you have probably heard of something called The Pursuit. It’s basically like being inside a video game. So it’s a bit like Yogascape, with technology from R/GA and community immersion. I love it for Spinning,  however the YOGASCAPE  tool was not one that I could incorporate into the classes at Earth’s Power Yoga studio.  YOGASCAPE  is fantastic for those who want to have a Crossfit® type  experience, the movements  are fast paced, the music is loud and the heat is on and the rooms is dark except for the psychedelic images on the wall . Its David Barton meets Budha.

My classes are the opposite. My focus is on alignment, THE BREATH,  investment and payoff.  I guess I have become OLD SKOOL.


Yoga for me is more than just postures. In my studies and practice I have embraced the 8 limbs of YOGA. Practicing yoga in this way is more than just showing up to a class to see how much of a beat down one could get from a teacher in an asana class. Yoga for me became a compass of how I was doing in my life. How I was feeling, how I was going get through the day, how I was going to react to someone cutting me off.   It opened my mind and my lungs to where I was no longer panicking about everything that was thrown at me. Through the practice of the 8 limbs of Yoga I began to breath and make better choices in my relationships with loved ones, with food, with associates and clients.  Yoga is actually not about poses it’s all about the BREATH. it’s about trying to surrender to every moment, it’s about not reacting to all the gibberish your mind is spewing, It’s about allowing the breath to move trough the dark areas of the body and the mind to bring light and lightness to those areas. I know it sounds so newage, or old SKOOL.  But I can only share what I know.

Yoga Student Matt Bommer in Magic Mike

Yoga Student Matt Bommer in Magic Mike

I had an awesome time at this studio and I have a lot of great memories of the students my dancers, actors, performers, mothers, executives, rock stars all here. It was great to have subbed for some of WeHo’s favorite like Omar Lopez and Mark Guibarelli. If you ever get an opportunity to practice with them take it!  You can find them on Classpasscom or if you have a mindbody account you can also find them there.

Please reach out if you have any questions, comments, observations or concerns or if you would like private or semi-private instruction. Se habla español.

Private yoga is not just for Celebrities.

I’ve compiled a list of the past teachers in case anyone is wondering. You can check CLASSPASS or MINDBODY for times and locations. Please add if you know others:




According to an article I read today by Bouree Lam on the Atlantic Emojis are now acceptable at work, as if I wasn’t already using them. I mean really, really using them, all of them not just the happy face.

They say the line between love in hate is in the tone and delivery, and it is for this reason that I love Emoji. It prevents us from being lost in textlation.

“They found three primary uses: to express positive vibes, to mark jokes, and lastly to either strengthen or soften statements that could be misread as reprimanding. An American study found that on that last point, smiley faces in email can reduce negative interpretations.”
-Bouree Lam

So if you haven’t already started using them, take a look at some of the cool ones. Some favorites, see if you can find them.

The Thumbs Up.
The Taxi Cab
The Baby
The Sun.

Jaiba & Nopales Ceviche Salad.   A Mexican Vegan Southern California Delight. Groove is the heart. 

What to have for dinner tonight?

Jaiba and Nopales. Imitation crab meat and Mexican cactus Ceviche.  Well that title is a mouthful I hope it makes sense. If. Not let me explain. 

If you live in L.A. or any place with a  “Latino” community you can most likely stop by the “carniceria” the “la tiendita ” or “bodega” depending on where you live, (I bet there’s one somewhere google it ) and grab some nopales aka cactus plants, that have already been cleaned and depricked, ( is that a word?). Perhaps your local whole foods or farmed market also carries them. But again I’m coming tough from the chippie capital of the world. This recipe is comfort food for that reason I’m leaving the guilt part out.  On hot summer days it was something we ate  growing up, reminds me of those California Sunsets.  

You’ll notice the recipes have the same ingredients this is intentional so that you can prep all the ingredients once a week, making all this easier and doable.  

You’ll need the following.

1/2 lb of imitation crab ( make sure it’s vegan but I bet it has a million calories. I’m afraid to look. You can if you want.)

5 small nopales cut into squares  ( cactus)

1 onion diced

4 small tomatoes diced 

1 bunch of cilantro 

4 limes. Juicy. 

1 large jalapeño. Ah come on try it. 

Sea Salt. 


So make sure you get the imitation crab meat, there is another type that is fish protein, and basically it’s a bunch of ground fish. So cuidado. 

Pull the imitation crab meat into pieces. 

Add the chopped tomatoes 

And the onions

And tomatoes 

And cilantro 

And limes

Sprinkle the salt

Mix and mix 

Then add the nopalitos.

And mix it all together. 

Nopales cut.

Enjoy. If you’re not afraid of calories put it on a tostada with some veganse. And pow mami. You got yourself a California dinner. 

Jaiba and Nopalito Ceviche

Cali Cauliflower. 

This recipe seems like it has so many ingredients. That’s because it does. –As always I like to remind you to invite yourself to prep once a week on Sunday or something and then you have everything handy. –But its good, so don’t let the amount of goodies and prep keep you from trying this because it’s so delicious and nutritious.  

1 Cauliflower 

2 Jalapeños

2 Tomatos

1 Basket of mushrooms

Marinaded Artichokes ( I get them at Trader Joes. Hey listen you can get which ever you want :)

Powder Turmeric 

Smoked Paprika 

 Wash The cauliflower the jalapenos and the tomatoes.  Slice the tomatoes and also slice the jalapeños. Careful with touching your skin. Jalapeños burn. Wash the seeds away. 

Cut the cauliflower. To do this simply cut the florets at the base turning the cauliflower around. 

    Pour the marinated artichoke juice and add a little pepper and powdered turmeric. 

    Heat pan add a little coconut oil and add the florets and allow them to brown a little.  Add the rest of the ingredients, Lower the heat, add a little water, cover and allow to simmer on low. 

I didn’t take a picture of the finish product becaus I ate it all. :)