Purple Queen Beans and Lobster Mushrooms Under a Wild Alaskan Cod.

Today’s inspiration is compliments of the farmers who bring us natures delicias. Every time one visits the market it becomes an opportunity to discover new edibles inspire new dishes and fusions. Food is not stagnant, food evolves. The most exciting find this week was the Lobster Mushroom, bright red beautiful color with a scent of sea. The Purple Queen Beans look more velvety in person. They remind me of Tom Ford meets Kilian in a forest. Gorgeous. The heirloom tomatoes succulent and meaty in the most perfect way. Again these are ideas, don’t not try something because you don’t have heirloom tomatoes, well just use tomatoes. However I do encourage you to build a relationship with your nutrition. <ahref=”http://victorlomelila.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/20130813-141041.jpg”&gt;20130813-141041.jpg








What’s Good This Week: Farmers Market

Here is a little preview of what’s coming up this week: A new discovery for me is the Lobster Mushroom it is exciting. The velvety Purple Queen Beans. What a blessing. So please check in during the week for some recetas.


Lobster Mushroom.


Purple Queen Beans.


White Watermelon. (already this week I saw a square watermelon)


Portabella Mushrooms.


Organic Heirloom Tomatoes.

Viva Calabasitas Y Naranja Dulce, Limon Partido. Live Zucchini Salad With Sweet Orange and Limon Partido.


Calabasitas/Zucchini cut into spaghetti shape using the Benriner Kitchen Helper.

A Mexican favorite is Calabasitas or zucchini. As soon as the heat wave passes the original Calabasitas recipe will be posted in the meantime an exciting fusion just happened right here. It’s all live mijitos. Apoco no? It’s fast its easy its delicious and its bueno para ti, and according to Wikipedia The zucchini fruit is low in calories (approximately 15 food calories per 100 g fresh zucchini) and contains useful amounts of folate (24 mcg/100 g), potassium (280 mg/100 g) and vitamin A (384 IU [115 mcg]/100 g. 1/2 cup of zucchini also contains 19% of the recommended amount of manganese. This fantastic news.


  • 2 Calabasitas/Zuchinni Organic if available and of course you knew that.
  • 2 Limones/Lemons,
  • 1 Naranja/Orange
  • Cut the ends of the Calabasita and cut that into two.
  • Secure the Calabasita on the Beriner usind the spaghetti blade and spin away, perhaps a little cumbia in the background
  • Place in a large glass blow, remember that acids and plastics are not a good mix, pero cada quien, work with what you have
  • Squeeze the Limones and the Naranjas and Mix, perhaps more cumbia in the background or maybe #Thicke and Blurred Lines.
  • Add a little Sea Salt, just a little, maybe some diced roasted peppers, but that’s negotiable since ummmm we are trying to stay away from unnecessary oils.

Let me know how it went. Everyone knows I’d do the splits if someone left a comment.

Day 5: I am absolute existence. I am a field of all possibilities.

When we reframe our point of reference from the outer world to that quiet sacred inner space we then allow ourselves to embrace the loving self-image that is buried deep within every single one of us

When we reframe our point of reference from the outer world to that quiet sacred inner space we then allow ourselves to embrace the loving self-image that is buried deep within every single one of us. Victor Lomeli in Shirshasana.

Welcome to day 5: Today is all about being real with yourself, not negative or judgmental  just real. Celebrating the real you. This meditation  has the potential to change your perception. Be real. Be still. Exhale all of your air out, pause and lovingly inhale in, take your hand and place it over your heart,( I know, I know it sounds a bit dramatic, pero por favor try it) gently ask your heart this question “What are my fears of truly accepting and loving myself?”

Real self-esteem is abundant and it is ever present, but at times it can be clouded by all the noise in the outside world. When we reframe our point of reference from the outer world to that quiet sacred inner space we then allow ourselves to embrace the loving self-image that is buried deep within every single one of us. We can then shift our perception of ourselves and of others. And that is what allows us to connect to true self esteem.

We came into this beautiful life as perfect drops of love and divinity. Our sense of self-worth influences our perceptions and inner dialogue often creating incongruence between our essential truths and how we perceive daily life experiences. I invite you to step into a refreshed self-image one that reflects your true beauty and divine essence. Take a closer look: Self Image is the self your ego believes you are. The Ego takes its cue from the outer world feeding on approval and security often fueling feelings of inadequacy and fear. “What do these people think of me?” “Do I look okay?” “Did I say the right thing?” The feedback we receive from our environment  over the years forms the image we hold of ourselves, in this respect self-image keeps reminding us of who we were in this specific situation NOT who we are. True self esteem is based on the spiritual recognition of one’s true value which lies beyond your ego and begins with self-awareness. As we accept and honor who we are we begin to treat ourselves as a cherished loved one, with kindness , trust, love, honesty and compassion.  With increased awareness of true self we become conscious of how we talk to ourselves choosing words that are enlightening  uplifting and loving . And should we falter we forgive ourselves quickly and fully. Who you are is so much more than  the image you have formed of yourself based on feedback of the outside world. Give yourself permission to detach from those opinions and perceptions open to  your divinity, your creativity your potential and Live from your higher self.

Miraculous Esteem

Today’s Centering Thought:

I  am a perfect, divine creation.

Our Sanskrit mantra:

Om Bhavam Nama

I am absolute existence. I am a field of all possibilities.

Now consider writing 12 things you love about yourself, andale sin berguenza, allow
yourself to find pleasure in this moment and in your fierce and glorious  thruths about yourself.
Celebrate   yourself y hay veras that your relationships will open and

Feel free to comment. You know I would do the splits if anyone read this or left me a comment. :)

Day 4: I Love and Honor Myself.

LOVE ME by Victor Lomeli.

LOVE ME by Victor Lomeli.

Day 4 of the meditation challenge. “As I love and honor myself my relationships blossom” Today is about discovering a way to honor yourself and show appreciation for yourself. What activities make you feel alive and balanced that you will do for you today? This week? Perhaps you’ll cook one of my low cal lunches, or maybe you’ll show up to that dance class you’ve been wanting to go to. What ever it may be, harvest love and you’ll have an abundance for sharing.


Our willingness to take care of our selves is deeply connected to our ability to receive love from anybody else.  Take care of your self. Tend to your mind,  Your body and your spirit each day. That is what will put you on the path to true love with the  most important person in your life: YOU! Honor yourself and your relationships will blossom beyond your imagination. Every relationship is shaped by the dynamic flow of giving and receiving. We breath in to receive life giving oxygen and as we exhale we nourish the plants and trees with carbon dioxide we share out love creativity and joy and we experience the expansion of those same qualities in our lives. At the deepest level giving and receiving are different aspects of the same flow of energy in the universe. Yet many of us were brought to believe that it is  better to give than to  receive, that it is important to take care of other peoples needs before our own. If you have taken that belief  to heart you may find yourself giving until you are physically exhausted, financially depleted or emotionally drained with little left to give. In reality truly loving relationships depend on the ability to nurture yourself to love yourself and to practice self care, you can only give what you have and your relationship will always mirror how you feel about yourself. Are you treating yourself as the precious lovable soul that you are? Infinitely worthy, infinitely deserving. In the words of the Budahh: You can search the entire universe and not find a single being more worthy of love than you. If you have not been making your own  wellbeing and care  a priority in you life do not use this realization to criticize  or condemn yourself we are always doing the best we can given our current level of awareness as our awareness expands we open to new possibilities and ways of being. Right now at this very moment you have the opportunity to begin giving yourself more love, appreciation and attention. It is never too late. Your true self is pure love and pure spirit.

Todays Centering Thought.
As I love and honor myself, my relationships blossom.
Our Sanskrit mantra:
Om Vardhanam Namah
I nourish the universe and the universe nourishes me.


Fresh Ribbon Pepino Salad. Cucumber Ribbon Salad.


On hot summer days like today who wants to turn on the estufa? Ay no, I know I don’t. Well the following is one of my favorite cold salads that is low in fat, sugar. I also used my new dressing that I am so excited about.

One of the sexiest exercises are done in Kettle Bell Training, and this guy Cameron McGarr is in touch with his bells. Training in kettle bell will leave you with a tight core beautiful lines and power. This is a bit of fitspiration for you on a hump day.

Day 3: I Am a Wondrous Miracle of Life.

I am a wondrous miracle of life.

I am a wondrous miracle of life.

Day 3 of the meditation challenge. Today is all about loving yourself. Often we go around life knocking ourselves down because well life happens. Perhaps a certain someone or a certain something has made you doubt yourself, or  some has placed their basura on you, that makes us feel sucio . Well today, those feelings are about to change. Take the first step to self love.


It is a miracle that each of us is here are  in this moment at  this very time. You are, I am, we are each a miracle in our own right. Did you ever think about our capacity to love  and celebrate other people is directly connected at our ability to fully love ourselves?

Because one believes in ones self one does not try to convince others, because one is content with oneself  one does not need others approval, because one accepts oneself the who world accepts him/her. We expand and experience  a sense of freedom in the moments that we open our hearts to ourselves.  Each time we give ourselves permission to accept who we are in this very moment with love and appreciation  the world around us begins to transform. We can clear a path that allows us to connect to our essential truth. In these quiet moments of glory   we have the opportunity to chose how we relate to ourselves  do we hose to love accept and celebrate ourselves. Self acceptance begins when we expand beyond our thoughts and embrace ourselves knowing that the glories of creation are in our very cells  that we are made of the same essence as the angels, stars and God himself. From this place we become one with our miraculous nature and celebrate the wonder of living life as our authentic selves.  I invite you to join me and begin the practice of gentle acceptance right now: Today I chose to accept myself, I chose to be aware of what it is like to simply be without self judgment. I chose to live each moment knowing  that I AM is enough to sustain me forever. I chose to sit quietly and open my heart to myself, expanding until my being fades into the infinite. Today I behold myself and know deeply that my capacity to love others and for others to love me Is directly connected to the capacity to love myself. Today I chose love. -D.Chopra

Day2: I Am A Radiant Spiritual Being.

Day two of the meditation challenge. Buenos Dias Mijos and Mijas, I would like to encourage you to take a little time and join in the meditation challenge. I know it sounds a little new-ageish or del diablo or weird it’s not, or maybe youre worried that you can’t sit still, sometimes some of us cant, but that is the practice my shaktis the more you practice the more natural it becomes. We awaken our potential.

Today is all about the spirit that is inside each of us, some people call it the soul, or the source. Turn your attention to the on that is observing. You will feel a presence. That presence is your soul. The silent observer.

Day 2: The most valuable question we can ask is: Who am I? Some of us define ourselves in terms of our titles, work and roles but our true identity goes beyond all of those things at the very deepest level we are pure Spirit, pure LOVE pure POTENTIAL. Within each of us there is an unchanging spirit. Your true self is not your changing body and mind or even your changing emotion or changing personality all of these have been changing all of your life. The body you had as baby is not the body you are in now. Your essential nature is spirit which is infinite and eternal. The qualities of spirit include compassion creativity joy, equanimity, intuition and bliss. If you have been caught up in an anxious search for love, happiness, or anything else this is wonderful news you can let go of the struggle and the endless quest for self improvement and instead begin to open to the awareness of who you really are. There is no work to do nothing to fix or repair your true self is unchanging and cant be broken. It is pure awareness all encompassing, silent, knowing, unborn and ever the same. Even when feelings of fear or sadness cloud your awareness and cause you to feel isolated and alone, spirit is always there within you shinning with the brilliance of a thousand suns. — feeling wonderful.


How Bill Clinton Became a Vegan. Bill Explains How.

How Bill Clinton Became a Vegan.

Turning Vegan isn’t always easy, and it isn’t always healthy so how did former President Clinton turn vegan? Aver,  aver let’s find out.

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